My work explores the connection between the psychological and physical, through the creation of objects and spaces which reflect the contradictory and ambiguous feelings that relate to the human condition. I have been using the concept of paradise as a visual metaphor for the mind, while simultaneously disrupting this metaphorical space with harsh and uncomfortable materialistic juxtapositions.
Through the creation of mixed media sculptures, installations and paintings, I explore this concept by manipulating visual, textural and material characteristics within each work. I seek to create a duality in each piece, with an aim of evoking ambivalent feelings of attraction and aversion within the viewer, while exploring how a change in characteristics can affect how the object portrayed is perceived. Will the viewer be attracted to the piece or will they hesitate to approach? This manipulation is done through the addition and removal of some functional and comfortable aspects within each object, which results in a sensory and visual effect of discomfort, uneasiness and ambiguity. 
I also explore the theme of gender identity, and the fragility of the human psyche through the creation of self-portraits which reflect the idea of different versions of selves. I create these contrasting personas as being synonymous to my objects, where-in they embody the same contrasting characteristics, while depicting how our thoughts and emotions change the way we perceive reality. These figures are usually portrayed as interacting with one another. This is done as a visual depiction of the idea of introspection, the mind being in discourse with itself, while making these most intimate conversations we have with ourselves a public spectacle which brings into the context the idea of the other and their influence on our thoughts, perception of self and circumstances.


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